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*Technology Comment….ProgUSA has been active in this new testing phenomenon for over 4 years and the products discussed on this page we believe are the most insightful PD test tools available in USA.

Partial Discharge Activity can be identified quickly (and safely) in switchgear cabinets using new IRISS test sets available now from ProgUSA. Email for more info, until this section of this website is fully updated
High PD Low Noise   PD with High Noise High Noise SONUS PD Portable PD detector/analyser


Click for  SONUS PD brochure Easiest to use PD detector for switchgear. Also distinguishes PD from noise so false positives of other similar testers are eliminated. Uses TEV and AE technology to verify PD may be present prior to opening switchgear cabinets. Excellent safety tool for all switchgear crews. Now using Android compatible phone for control, display and data capture for report generation. Optional phone from IRISS includes a decent resolution thermal imager for hot spot detection. Optional parabolic dish allows acoustic surveys for substation apparatus. Packages $9.5 -13K.

ndb’s model AE-250E is the newest tool for locating PS within large power transformers. IT uses combined technology of HFCT probe to prove PD exists and then uses 4 acoustic sensors which are moved around various positions ( usually only 4 positions), to take ‘shot views’ using Time of Flight measurements. The unique Mirador software then assembles and analyses the view to give an insightful, 3D view of the transformer and the PD location. If the PD is coming from deep in the core or windings, it will be difficult to late by any test set or technology. Fortunately many PD problems are in connections, joints and splices, which the AE-250E can identify. [Click Ndb AE -250E for brochure]

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AE-150 TOA
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