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Handheld Circuit breaker timing analyzer with first trip analysis function.  Provides easy profile of breaker contact timing as related to each phase and to coil current. [click Cat-P for brochure] and the new CAT-H handheld breaker timer for off-line testing including coil control and timing for under $10K, . [click CAT-H for brochure]
*Low cost timing analysers , the CAT3X series by DV Power are able to capture timing on 3 channels as well as closing/open coil time info and some models are under $10K
Basic model CAT31A w internal or ext trigger [click CAT31A pdf]
*Mid range time/motion analysers, the CAT6X series by DV Power are able to capture timing up to 2 breaks per 3 phases, and open/close coil timing and values, plus add motion capture with analog or digital transducers. CAT64 model is nicely equipped for most modern Sf6 based, breakers. [click CAT64 pdf]
3 ph brkr gen pic
*Full featured time/motion/contact DRM analysers, the new CAT66 analyser adds all that CAT64 can do plus adds internal 300A micro-ohmmeter to do static contact resistance and dynamic graphing of arcing contact resistance.(A Handy Diagnostic tool to look at those wearing arcing contacts without opening up the CB) [click CAT66]
*Lightweight, high current micro-ohmmeters (aka Ductors) , the RMO-200G has become the standard micro-ohmmeters for many USA power utilities due to its 200A ability and its lightweight instrument and cables. The RMO-G series all have a TRUE DC power source providing ripple free outputs and avoid causing false trips of breaker CT controls. New RMO-H handheld high current micro-ohmmeter for use in bucket trucks and where a battery powered unit would be useful with new Li-Po battery to solve problems of others’ handheld micro-ohmmeters by providing long (all day) battery life and smooth ripple free outputs. Click RMO-H pdf Optional high energy version RMO-H21, 23, 24 to use longer cables up to 33ft

New Substation Ground Grid Integrity tester model GGT300N to do multiple point to point tests of ground grid cables with 300A DC applied for 90 seconds. Current flow down into ground grid and up into above ground apparatus (and infrastructure) is compared for simple detection of bad underground joints and cables. Very portable at under 20lb. 200ft test cables optional. Also is a very good 300A micro-ohmmeter. [Click for brochure.]

*CB Coil tester by DV Power has several models, the most common one being the POB40D for proving adequate power to supply CB coils and power to spring charger motor. So it’s ideal for commissioning when station DC is not available and for verifying coils will operate at lower end of supply voltage rating. [click for POB40D pdf]
*CB portable power supply, for commissioning and coil test as the above POB-40D or POB-40AD but adds the accurate measurement of coil resistance for optimum coil testing. Note: CB coils failures are one of the highest weaknesses of MV and HV CB’s. [click for SAT40a pdf]
* ALL DV Power (DV Power) instruments come with a 3 year warranty as serviced in Florida by ProgUSA. A 4 year warranty is available at no extra charge when product registered.


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