Multi-tap portable precision CT test set….by ISA-Altanova creates improved competency for testing CT’s for control function or for metering function and VT’s… High accuracy for up to class 0.1 CT’s, fully automatic sequence of various multi-tap test for ratio, saturation, phase error, excitation, burden and resistance, plus demag. 35 lbs, color 7” display and USB, WiFi connections with PC software for setup, control and easy reporting. [Click for iCT1 brochure] and [Click for Sie (specifications)]

Ground Grid Integrity test set, Portable and rugged 300Amp current supply to inject 300A at various nodes of the exposed substation ground grid to verify proper grid paths under the surface. Co-developed by a major US utility to inject and be key part of measuring current flow paths thru the grid. Grid deterioration can be caused over time by corrosion, loosening joints, poor installation, poor  workmanship, or vibrations (quakes) And oh by the way, this GGT500 is also a very good lightweight 500A micro-ohmmeter for measuring breaker contacts and bus joints.[click for GGT500 pdf].

Substation Ground Test system are also offered from Red Phase Instruments. High current sources and Frequency selective meters, to verify the substation’s ground grid overall effectiveness of connecting to true Earth ground.

See attached brochure [click for Red Phase Earth test pdf] on Red Phase products for testing substation grounding to true Earth,,,,not to be confused with above Ground Grid Integrity tester GGT500.

New for 2021 a handheld Disconnect Switch Motor Analyzer. Diagnose motor health with motor current, voltage and power consumption with numeric and graphical display. [click on DIS-H brochure]
*High end multi-phase relay test sets, DRTS series from ISA, available in 4 configurations (6I-6V, 6I-4V, 3I-4V and 3I-3V) and can provide up to 430VA per current output for each of 6I outputs (see input power supply spec) and all 6I at up to 32Amps per channel. Very high accuracy and ultra-low distortion for hi-res DAC design. Bright front panel display and control makes it useful without PC software. For more complex testing, versatile TDMS software is included with multiple copies and updates being free!
DRTS66 [click for DRTS66 pdf]
DRTS64 [click for DRTS64 pdf] ‘most popular version’
DRTS34 [click for DRTS34 pdf]
DRTS33 [click for DRTS33 pdf]
TDMS free PC software for all above [click for TDMS pdf]
DRTs pic
*Single phase hi current relay tester model T1000PLUS from ISA can be called the relay engineers toolbox as it is a powerful (Max 200A) single phase source that is very easy to set up and generate signal quickly. Software not required. It can do complex timing measurements plus variable phase and variable frequency via an auxiliary channel to main channel. T1000PLUS [click for T1000PLUS pdf]
*Single phase hi current relay tester with differential test built-in, model TD1000PLUS from ISA has same features as T1000PLUS but adds a higher current second channel of current to test differential electro-mechanical relays. TD1000PLUS [click for TD1000PLUS pdf]
* CT, VT, PT test set with power, model T2000 and T3000 from ISA, for tap by tap CT testing using current or voltage method. Current method improves test competency. 800A AC and 3000 VAC std and optional 400A DC. Test phase angle, turns ratio, polarity, excitation curve, burden and voltage withstand. Expandable up to 4000A AC with boosters. T3000 includes relay test functions similar to T1000PLUS.
T2000 [click for T2000 pdf]
T3000 [click for T3000 pdf]
BU2000 Hi current booster module [click for BU2000 pdf]
* Link to ENOSERV, home of the powerful RTS software that can operate the powerful and ‘quick-to-generate’ DRTS series of ISA mixed in with other test sets of other manufacturers. RTS is excellent tool to increase the power of automated  testing of older and newest relays and allow the owner to use older relay tests in conjunction with newer ISA DRTS sets.
Application notes:

  1. Burden too high on DRTS6x series. [click on burden too high pdf]