Partial Discharge Detection in HV underground cables and GIS, as short term spot checks, semi-permanent monitor and long term monitor solutions, from DIAEL. The key to DIAEL being an innovative leader in this area is the company’s patented dynamic noise handling and suppression algorithms. Since PD is effectively noise (with a recognizable pattern), this ability to separate noise and not attenuate the noise, is why DIAEL is a winning analysis and PD location system.

‘Fully automatic PD analysis software, superior to others to identify PD vs noise, and easier to use’.

‘Sample application fo DIAEL PD detect and monitor via MS PLUS or MS Plus portable or PICO”

‘Sample application for long, multi-splice cable permanent monitor, via MS Plus’

Text: DIAEL has 3 levels PD systems to offer: Foucs for analysis is HV/MV cables but PD in transformers can be detected and monitored as well.


MS-PICO model is useful for PD location in underground HV and MV (XLPE) cables as spot test or short term monitor. One PICO set up with 2 base stations of <$15K each plus gaming quality laptops at either end of up to 5 mile cable can locate PD quite accurately.[click for PICO brochure]

MS-PLUS Portable model is used for short term monitor in a field rugged, waterproof case with internal data processor. Easy to install and get measurements. Automatic localization and detection of defects. Defects severity evaluation software. [click for MS PLUS Portable brochure]

MS-PLUS model is the basis for full permanent cable system monitor with HFCT’s mounted on ground screen (sheath) of each cable at all joints. It includes a rack mounted data collection and analysis system (CAS) where signals are collected by fiber cables and timed with GPS. CAS generates an automatic localization map for cables and ratio analysis for localization in substation [click for MS PLUS system brochure]

*Technology Comment….ProgUSA has been active in this new testing phenomenon for over 7 years and the products discussed on this page we believe are the most insightful PD test tools available in USA.

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