CoroCAM by UViRCO Technologies offers HD corona imagers (handheld cameras) for precision detection of corona on substation and transmission lines and insulators. Overlay clear corona image on top of visual image on CC6HD and CC7HD. CC8HD model adds hi-res thermal imaging as well.
Mode CC6HD is newest addition with latest HD technology. Wide angle viewing, best IFOV, Zoom tracks Visible(optical) with UV images;Variable angle large LCD display w sunscreen;

Fast boot, (6 seconds to view);

Simple user interface w guide on front plate;

UV priority mode; Local Commercial off -shelf batts;

18mo warranty (5% return rate in warranty)

Wide dynamic range; Clear HD imaging, high Delta K;

Int. GPS std., WIFI optional;

Training available in person or on web (includes 24 factors that affect corona imaging)

[Click for model CC6HD brochure]


CC7HD adds side view panel as well as viewfinder [click for model CC7HD brochure]
CC8HD adds precision thermal imaging as well for same file and overlaid UV and optical images. [click for CC8HD brochure]
ProgUSA has integrated and flown the new UViRCO model UVS1 compact HD corona camera on the Full Throttle CETAN drone. US-based manufacturing and NDAA compliant.

Click [here] for brochure on UVS1 , latest lightweight corona/optical sensor in the market. Less than 2 lbs and draws power from drone. Gremsy special gimbal available.

Click [here] for full line catalog on Uvirco CoroCam Cameras. Local Us support and repair by ProgUSA in Orlando, FL.

Click [here] for spec sheet on Full Throttle CETAN drone

Ground Grid Integrity test set, Portable and rugged 300Amp current supply to inject 300A at various nodes of the exposed substation ground grid to verify proper grid paths under the surface. Co-developed by a major US utility to inject and be key part of measuring current flow paths thru the grid. Grid deterioration can be caused over time by corrosion, loosening joints, poor installation, poor  workmanship, or vibrations (quakes) And oh by the way, this “GGT300 is also a very good lightweight 300A micro-ohmmeter for measuring breaker contacts and bus joints.[click for GGT pdf].

Curious or confused about Substation ground test and ground grid integrity test, email and request our latest application note that educates and compares all types of Ground testing related to substations.