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Handheld Circuit Breaker Timing Analyzers

DV Power offers state-of-the-art handheld circuit breaker timing analyzers, including the CAT-P and the new CAT-H model, perfect for off-line testing. These devices provide detailed profiles of breaker contact timing relative to each phase and coil current. The CAT-H is available for under $10K and includes coil control and timing functionalities.

  • First Trip Analysis: Provides easy profiling of breaker contact timing.
  • Cost-effective: CAT-H available for under $10K

     CAT-P     CAT-H

CAT-H DV Power

Advanced Time/Motion/Contact DRM Analyzers

The CAT66 analyzer by DV Power extends the capabilities of the CAT64, adding an internal 300A micro-ohmmeter for static contact resistance measurement and dynamic graphing of arcing contact resistance. This feature allows for diagnostic analysis of arcing contacts without the need to open the circuit breaker.

  • Advanced Capabilities: Includes static and dynamic contact resistance measurements.
  • Diagnostic Tool: Enables analysis of arcing contacts.


Most Advanced CB Analyzer: CAT500

The CAT500 is the latest and most advanced circuit breaker analyzer in the DV Power lineup. It features BSG (Both Sides Grounded) technology, supports up to 12 main contacts, and includes a 10” graphical touch screen for simplified PC software downloads, minimizing IT department issues.

  • Advanced Features: BSG technology and support for up to 12 main contacts.
  • User-friendly: 10” graphical touch screen.


CAT500 DV power

Budget-Friendly Solutions for 2024

DV Power introduces the CAT100 and CAT250 circuit breaker timers/analyzers for the 2024 budget cycle. The CAT100 features a 7” screen and battery power, while the CAT250 offers a 10” graphic touch display with advanced features. Both models allow for extensive analysis and viewing directly on the device displays or via a PC.

  • CAT100: Basic model with a 7” screen and battery power.
  • CAT250: Feature-packed model with a 10” graphic touch display.

     CAT100    CAT250


Lightweight High Current Micro-Ohmmeters

The RMO-200G series micro-ohmmeters are the standard for many USA power utilities, offering a lightweight design and 200A current capability. These devices use a TRUE DC power source to provide ripple-free outputs, preventing false trips of breaker CT controls. The new RMO-H handheld high current micro-ohmmeter is ideal for use in bucket trucks and features a long-lasting Li-Po battery for all-day operation.

  • Standard Model: RMO-200G with 200A capability and lightweight design.
  • Handheld Model: RMO-H with a Li-Po battery for extended use.

     RMO-200G       RMO-H


Substation Ground Grid Integrity Tester: GGT300N 

DV Power’s GGT300N is designed for testing the integrity of substation ground grids. This model performs multiple point-to-point tests with 300A DC applied for 90 seconds, allowing for easy detection of faulty underground joints and cables. It is highly portable, weighing under 20lbs, and optional 200ft test cables are available.

  • High Current Testing: 300A DC applied for comprehensive testing.
  • Portable: Weighs under 20lbs with optional 200ft test cables.


Substation Ground Grid Integrity Tester: GGT300N

CB Portable Power Supply: SAT40a 

The SAT40a combines the functionalities of the POB-40D with the accurate measurement of coil resistance, making it an ideal tool for optimal coil testing. CB coil failures are a common weakness in MV and HV circuit breakers.

  • Combined Functionality: Includes coil resistance measurement.
  • Reliability Testing: Addresses a common weakness in circuit breakers.


CB Coil Tester: POB40D 

DV Power’s POB40D CB Coil Tester is perfect for verifying adequate power supply to CB coils and spring charger motors, especially during commissioning when station DC is unavailable. It ensures coils operate at the lower end of their supply voltage rating.

  • Verification Tool: Ensures adequate power supply to CB coils.
  • Commissioning Aid: Useful when station DC is not available.


SF6 Gas Test & Handling

For comprehensive solutions in SF6 gas testing and handling, visit our SF6 Gas Test & Handling subpage.

For detailed information and inquiries, contact our support team.

Warranty Information 

All DV Power  instruments come with a standard 3-year warranty, serviced in Florida by ProgUSA. Register your product to receive an extended 4-year warranty at no extra charge.

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