Power Transformer Test & Oil Purify

Turns Ratio test set

the TRT series from DV Power (High accuracy, TRUE 3 phase (3 gen and 3 measure), accurate phase shift measure, DV Win PC software to control TTR and archive results, plus auto-populate the ratios for each tap on LTC side now with full auto test stepping through all taps under PC control.)
Basic model TRT33A [click on TRT33A pdf] and 250V model TRT63A [click on TRT63A pdf]  and the new TRT400 with 7” graphic display and max 430VAC output. (click here for TRT400 pdf) and the new TRT500 with big 10” display and 500V brochure. [click on TRT advanced brochure]

Handheld TRT

New Handheld cost effective, TRT-H, TWR–H and RMO-TH testers for padmount and low transformers up to 35KV. Test single phase at a time for turns ratio [click TRT-H],  winding resistance [click RMO-H]  or both tests [click for TWR-H].  

Dynamic OLTC graphic test set

the TWA -40D from DV Power (This is a combo 3 phase test set to do fast Winding Resistance test, dynamic OLTC graphic analysis and demagnetization once all testing (DC) is complete. Auto-discharge function for safety. DV Win PC software for test control and review of results and archive/report generation) 3 phase Model TWA 40D [click on TWA-40D pdf] , single phase model RMO-60TD [click on RMO-60TD pdf]  now with full auto test stepping through all taps under PC control. New model TWA400 w 7” display and internal memory, and new TWA500 w large 10” display. [click on TWA advanced brochure]

Winding Resistance test set series RMO-T and TWA-25A from DV Power. 3 phase model TWA-25A with quick connections for H and X phases, with demagnetization function. [click on Brochure TWA25A ] and [click on comparison between TWA …. pdf],(Single phase basic model RMO-20T [click on RMO-20T pdf] )Winding resistance with heat run test ability for factory test model RMO-100TT [click on rmo-100TT pdf)

Demagnetize any size transformer with DV Power model DEM60R automatic 3 phase safe demag. (utilizes effective intelligent step down and polarity switch action to safely reduce B-H magnetic curve to non-existent) [click on DEM60R pdf] New feature measures magnetic flux of transformer core!
FRA500 swept Frequency Response Analyzer from DV Power. Provides a graphic representation that can determine mechanical defects in windings. UNIQUE ability to compare other SFRA test set vendors’ files with new FRA500 files. Under $15K US. [click on FRA500] brochure.

Medium to large scale Transformer oil purification system from ENERVAC. Model 865A for degasification, drying and particle filtering. Can be skid mounted or utility trailer mounted. Sizes from 50 gph to 3600 gph, to adapt to medium to largest transformers. Uses high vacuum process to reduce water to less than 10ppm, soluble air to less than 0.25%, and particulates to sub-micron levels. Fuller’s earth for re-gen available as option.[click on 865a pdf]
Enervac ENERDry system for temporary or semi-permanent dryout of transformer oil. Continuously removes moisture from transformer oil down to less than 10 ppm and offers fine filtration of the transformer oil to 1 micron. 100% unattended operation. Low flow for low turbulence.[click on ENERDry pdf]
Large scale Transformer Oil Regeneration System from ENERVAC. Model E575R provides an extremely cost-effective and environmentally acceptable method of extending transformer oil lifetime to over 100 years! In addition to the 865A functions above, It restores used oil to virgin oil properties of optimum acidity and dielectric properties, with unique absorbent material in columns that can be re-activated efficiently. Typical semi-trailer mount with generator option. [click on 575R pdf]
TRANSFORMER TEST Application notes [click here to go to sub page]

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