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FOTRIC Inc. specializes in innovative sensing solutions for a broad range of industrial safety applications. With operations in over 50 countries, they excel in defect detection, condition monitoring, and safety assurance across sectors such as manufacturing, chemical processing, metallurgy, coal and Li-ion battery storage, waste management, electric utilities, oil & gas, and building infrastructure.

Since FOTRIC's inception, precision measurement and superior imaging technology have been our trademarks. As a certified high-tech enterprise, FOTRIC adheres to stringent quality standards, with ISO: 9001, FCC, CE, and KC certifications. Their leadership in the industrial safety equipment sector is defined by our dedication to continuous innovation, integrating advanced technologies for comprehensive safety solutions.

FOTRIC has a global presence supported by a robust distributor network spanning North America, Europe, Latin America, South Korea, Singapore, India, Australia, Taiwan, and other regions. This network ensures reliable sales channels and strong technical support for our worldwide customers.

FOTRIC P-series

FOTRIC P-series Industrial thermal imager offers up to 1280 x 1024 IR Resolutions, exceptional image quality, and precision for inspection work. With an optional Dual-view Lens, you won't need to carry or change lenses, saving time and space. The P-series cameras boast top-class performance with <30mk Thermal Sensitivity.

They also include on-device analysis power and a laser area measurement function. Plus, these cameras are compatible with advanced software such as NaviTiR and IRexplorer, revolutionizing the way inspections utilize thermal cameras. Get the most out of your inspection work with the P-series. 

  • Up to 1280 x 1024 IR resolution: This is the highest resolution available in FOTRIC’s handheld camera range, providing superior image clarity and detail.
  • < 1°C image uniformity and < 30mk thermal sensitivity: These specifications ensure accurate temperature measurements across the entire image, even for small temperature differences.
  • Dual-view lens (optional): This eliminates the need to carry and change lenses, saving time and space.
  • Laser area measurement function: This allows you to quickly and easily measure the size of areas in your thermal images.
  • On-device analysis power: The camera has built-in tools for analyzing thermal images, such as isotherms, spot meters, and area measurements.
  • Compatibility with advanced software: The P-series cameras are compatible with FOTRIC’s NaviPdM and IRExplorer software, which provide a wide range of features for image analysis, reporting, and data management.

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P-Series Catalog

FOTRIC P-series Image Quality

Compelling Image Quality Up to 1280 * 1024 IR resolution

Covers 100%  Color gamut

FOTRIC P-series P7


FOTRIC 340 Series Professional Thermal Cameras

 The FOTRIC 340 series is an advanced Industrial thermal camera, designed for professionals to improve maintenance efficiency in the electric, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries. Its up to 640x480 IR Resolution and 30 mK NETD enable superior imaging display on 5” LCD touch screens. Other advanced features like laser-assisted autofocus, interchangeable lens options, and powerful AnalyzIR report software, all boost operational performance, making it an ideal tool for site inspections.

  • Up to 640 * 480 IR resolution
  • Up to 30 mK Thermal Sensitivity
  • Up to -20~1550°C Temp range
  • Up to 0.19mrad IFOV

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340 Series Catalog

FOTRIC 340 Series Image Quality

FOTRIC 340 Series Image Quality

FOTRIC 340 Series

FOTRIC 320 Series Compact Thermal Cameras

 FOTRIC 320 Series is a compact handheld thermal camera for facility maintenance use and industrial applications. Its up to 384x288 IR Resolution, 40 mK sensitivity, and manual focus combined with the Android platform interface provide users intuitive operational experience. This camera provides lens options of 49 or 25 degrees to meet requirements from different industries, like building inspection, electric distribution, and manufacturing. After inspection, you can import the data into AnalzyIR software with WiFi, and generate reports with one click.

  • Up to  384 * 288  IR resolution
  • Up to  40 mK  Thermal Sensitivity
  • -20 ~ 650°C  Temp Range
  • Full Radiometric Video
  • Highly-responsive 3.5” touch-screen
  • Manual Focus & Focus Free

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F-Series Catalog

M-Series Catalog 

FOTRIC 320 Series Image Quality

FOTRIC 320 Series Image Quality

FOTRIC 320 Series

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