Substation Imaging, Test, and HiPot Equipment 

Uvirco Corona Cams

CoroCAM by UViRCO Technologies

CoroCAM by UViRCO Technologies offers HD corona imagers (handheld cameras) for precision detection of corona on substation and transmission lines and insulators. Overlay clear corona image on top of visual image on CC6HD and CC7HD. CC8HD model adds hi-res thermal imaging as well.

Model CC6HD is the latest addition with HD technology, wide-angle viewing, best IFOV, and zoom that tracks visible and UV images. It features a variable angle large LCD display with sunscreen.

  • Fast boot, (6 seconds to view);
  • Simple user interface w guide on front plate;
  • UV priority mode; Local Commercial off -shelf batts;
  • 18mo warranty. Extensions available.
  • Wide dynamic range; Clear HD imaging, high Delta K;
  • Int. GPS std.,  Overlay UV and Visual
  • Training available in person or on web (includes 24 factors that affect corona imaging)

CC6HD Brochure   

Model CC7HD is the latest addition with HD technology, wide-angle viewing, best IFOV, and zoom that tracks visible and UV images. It features a variable angle large LCD display with sunscreen. 

CC7HD Brochure   

Model CC8HD is the latest addition with HD technology, wide-angle viewing, best IFOV, and zoom that tracks visible and UV images. It features a variable angle large LCD display with sunscreen. 

CC8HD Brochure   

CC8HD Corona CamCC8HD

CC7HD Corona Cam

Model UVS1+1

Model UVS1+1
Adds survey capability to co-locate IR and UV disturbances for accurate mitigation decisions. The UVS1 is the latest lightweight corona/optical sensor in the market. Less than 2 lbs and draws power from drone. UVS1+1 model now available with thermal IR module mounted on std UVS1. Gremsy special gimbal available.

UVS1 +1   

ProgUSA has integrated the new UViRCO model UVS1 compact HD corona camera on the DJI M300 drone and the WISPR Ranger Pro 1100 drone, which is US-made and NDAA compliant.

Ground Grid Integrity Test

Ground Grid Integrity test set, Portable and rugged 300Amp current supply to inject 300A at various nodes of the exposed substation ground grid to verify proper grid paths under the surface. Co-developed by a major US utility to inject and be key part of measuring current flow paths thru the grid. Grid deterioration can be caused over time by corrosion, loosening joints, poor installation, poor  workmanship, or vibrations (quakes) And oh by the way, this “GGT300 is also a very good lightweight 300A micro-ohmmeter for measuring breaker contacts and bus joints.


Ground Grid Integrity Test

CT/PT/CVT Tester

Latest CT/PT/CVT tester to enter the market is from DV Power, the 3 (to 4) year warranty company. Model CVA500 has built-in 5 tap interface, provide flexible tap selection, auto-sequence of tests, 10” graphic touch screen. Full range of typical tests plus demag, insulation test, winding resistance and burden test.” 


CVA500 DV Power

AC/DC for Insulation Test 

Hipotronics offers a range of modern Hipot testers for AC and DC testing in the lab or field. These rugged, portable testers feature automated test capabilities to improve test time and accuracy.

  • Models 840PL-HD (40kV) and 880PL-HD (80kV): DC outputs with robust design and modern display for voltage and current, testing insulation strength of electrical apparatus. Measurements include output voltage, leakage current, insulation resistance (IR), and polarization index (PI).
  • Model OC60-DI: Liquid dielectric tester up to 60kV AC, rugged and reliable. It includes test cells for ASTM D877 and ASTM D1816, a 7” digital color display screen, and automatic breakdown detection within 4 microseconds of the breakdown point. A 90kV version is also available.
  • HVT-DI Series: AC Hipot testers available in 30kV, 60kV, and 100kV models for testing bucket trucks, aerial platforms, vacuum interrupters, breakers, switchgear, and other electrical apparatus. Features lightweight, rugged design and a 7” digital color display.

Hipotronics Catalog

Models 840PL-HD (40kV) and 880PL-HD (80kV)


HVT-DI  Hiptronics


The HVT-DI AC Hipot is a modern solution for testing insulation strength of electrical apparatus. Outfitted with state-of-the-art digital interface, and extensive safety features, the HVT-DI series ensures simplistic operation, the most accurate results, and operator safety under all circumstances.


OC60-DI DC Hiptronics


The OC60-DI is HIPOTRONICS’ modern response for quick and reliable testing of dielectric strength of insulating liquids used in a wide variety of electric apparatus. It is an automatic liquid dielectric breakdown test equipment with user-friendly digital interface capable of testing up to 60kV AC.


High Voltage Testers

Hipotronics supplies a wide range of high voltage electrical testing equipment for applications like arresters, bushings, cable and wire, capacitors, generators and more. Finding the right solution to for high voltage testing can be a challenging task. 

With Hipotronics’ dielectric test equipment, DC systems and partial discharge test systems, there is a solution that addresses your needs and provides reliable and accurate results for the application. Increase safety and minimize risk with high voltage test equipment from our team. Technical service and support is available when and where you need it most.

ITL Tools Logo

Insulated Tools

Rugged, very rugged, insulated tools for live line work, using unique nylon bio-plastic injection molding process. Lifetime warranty. Insulation will not burn or fall off from temperature change.

Multiple kits available or individual tools. Stock in NC, USA. Simply the hardest wearing and safest tools one can buy. All tools are tested 100%.  Operating range -40 deg F to 158 Deg F.


ITL manufactures unique, injection moulded insulated tools from Nylon Thermoplastic. All our tools are 100% tested to IEC60900, Category C and ASTM F1505. All over the world the professional uses ITL Insulated Tools.

ITL Catalog

ITL Insulated Tools

Curious or confused about Substation ground test and ground grid integrity test, contact us today and request our latest application note that educates and compares all types of Ground testing related to substations.

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