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Portable SF6 3-in-1 Test Set

New portable SF6 3in1 test set. Easy-field-swap calibration modules to minimize down time for cal. Using unique ceramic sensor design for better moisture measurement accuracy than others in same price range.  Measures H2O, Purity and SO2 decomposition with gas storage and pumpback feature to minimize losses to the environment. Mounted in rugged plastic transport case with space for adapters. 24/7 phone support.

Unique innovative ACTIVE system being ideal for: full Recycling of SF6 gas contained in all equipment sizes.

Equipment under test can be in live operation. 

  • Designed to Dehumidify, Dedust and Eliminate the acid substances
  • Full gas Recycle according to standards both when the plant is operating and while shut down 
  • Plug & Play filter substitution

ALY101-05 SF6 Gas Analyser SynecomALY101-05 SF6 Gas Analyzer

Various size gas recovery and treatment SF6 carts : Air Vacuum, Recovery, Refill and Filtering of SF6 gas, also simultaneous mode operation.

SF6 gas filling control systems also available.


ACTIVE System for SF6 Gas Recycling

The innovative ACTIVE system is ideal for full recycling of SF6 gas in all equipment sizes. This system can operate with equipment under live conditions, offering:

  • Dehumidification: Removes moisture from SF6 gas.
  • Dedusting: Eliminates dust particles.
  • Acid Substance Removal: Filters out acidic substances.
  • Full Gas Recycling: Meets standards for both operational and shutdown conditions.
  • Plug & Play Filter Substitution: Easy filter replacements.

ACTIVE” Car 108-01Various SF6 Gas Recovery and Treatment Carts

We offer a range of SF6 gas recovery and treatment carts, capable of air vacuum, recovery, refilling, and filtering of SF6 gas, with options for simultaneous mode operation. These systems ensure efficient handling and processing of SF6 gas.

SF6 Gas Filling Control Systems
We provide advanced SF6 gas filling control systems for precise gas management during filling operations.

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973-SF6 Gas Combo Analyzer by RH Systems

The 973-SF6 by RH Systems is the most accurate and repeatable combo tester in the US market. Utilizing chilled mirror technology, this rugged portable unit provides precise analysis of SF6 gas, measuring H2O, SF6 purity, and SO2 levels, with sample capture and pump-back capabilities.

  • Portable and Rugged: Ideal for field use.
  • High Accuracy: Chilled mirror technology ensures precise measurements.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Measures H2O, SF6 purity, and SO2.


[click for application note on “What I have learned about sf6 gas testing”  by a ProgUSA engineer]

973-SF6 Gas Combo Analyzer by RH Systems

The RH Systems universal SF6 test adapter kit includes DN8, DN20, regulator, test hose, and additional adapters. It is compatible with the RH 973-SF6 analyzer and other SF6 test sets. Also available is a filling kit with a variety of adapters, a 3/8” hose, and a 'golden dry regulator'. Custom adapters are available upon request.

Adapter Kit

973-SF6 by RH Systems
The 3in1 SF6 gas analyzer quickly serviced and calibrated 100% within USA.(Arizona)
SF6 test adapter kit


GRU-4Plus Portable Unit

The GRU-4Plus portable unit from ENERVAC is designed for SF6 gas evacuation, drying, particulate filtering, and refilling for circuit breakers up to 69KV. This unit is available for under $25K.


Larger Scale SF6 Gas Handling Systems

ENERVAC offers larger scale systems for handling SF6 gas in circuit breakers up to 115KV (GRU-7) or 230KV (GRU-8). These systems can be configured as large wheeled carts, skids, or utility trailers with extra storage bottles. The size depends on the volume of gas to be processed and the preferred operational hours, related to the speed of the vacuum and fill pumps.

GRU-7    GRU-8

E736A SF6 Gas Handling System

The E736A system from ENERVAC is designed for SF6 gas evacuation, drying, particulate filtering, and refilling for circuit breakers up to 750KV. This system can be scaled to a large utility trailer size, capable of storing up to 4000lbs of gas.


E736A system trailer Enervac
E736A Enervac

Additional Resources

For an in-depth understanding of SF6 gas testing and handling, refer to the application note by a ProgUSA engineer: What I have learned about SF6 gas testing.

For procurement specifications and interactive cost justification, email please contact us.

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