Partial Discharge Detection & Electrical Asset Condition Monitoring

Electrical Asset Condition Monitoring

Comprehensive, Most Versatile, Electrical Asset Condition Monitoring with advanced Sensors, Monitors and Remote Monitoring Software. For Transformer, GIS, AIS and MV panel switchgear. Upgrade, replacement or new monitoring installation.

Key Monitoring Capabilities:

  • Hot Spot Temperature
  • Partial Discharge
  • Bushing Monitoring (Tan Delta and Capacitance)
  • OLTC Contact Wear
  • Cooling System Performance
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis Integration
  • SF6 Gas Sensors Integration

Our RM Eye condition monitoring software provides a health index, risk index, custom dashboards, and SCADA interface for comprehensive monitoring and analysis.

Rugged Monitoring Electrical Asset Condition Monitoring

Electrical Asset Condition Monitoring

Fiber optic temperature sensor interface (standalone)

We offer standalone fiber optic temperature sensor interfaces for precise and reliable temperature monitoring.

Ampacimon’s Partial Discharge Detection

Ampacimon leads the industry with innovative partial discharge (PD) detection systems for HV underground cables and GIS. Their patented dynamic noise handling and suppression algorithms distinguish PD from noise without attenuation, making their analysis and PD location system highly effective.

Key Features:

  •  Automatic PD Analysis Software: Superior to competitors, easy to use, and accurately identifies PD versus noise.
  • Applications: Suitable for PD detection and monitoring via MS PLUS, MS Plus Portable, or PICO systems.
Ampacimon’s Partial Discharge Detection
‘Fully automatic PD analysis software, superior to others to identify PD vs noise, and easier to use’.

innovative partial discharge (PD) detection systems‘Sample application for Ampacimon PD detect and monitor via MS PLUS or MS Plus portable or PICO.'

Ampacimon PD detect and monitor via MS PLUS or MS Plus portable or PICO‘Sample application for Ampacimon PD detect and monitor via MS PLUS or MS Plus portable or PICO.'

PD Detection Systems


The MS-PICO model is ideal for PD location in underground HV and MV (XLPE) cables, suitable for spot tests or short-term monitoring. With two base stations costing under $15K each and gaming-quality laptops at either end, this system can accurately locate PD over cables up to 5 miles long.

Learn more in the PICO brochure.

MS-PLUS Portable Model

The MS-PLUS Portable model offers short-term monitoring in a rugged, waterproof case with an internal data processor. It is easy to install and provides automatic localization and detection of defects, along with severity evaluation software.

For additional details, see the MS PLUS Portable brochure.


The MS-PLUS model serves as the foundation for a full permanent cable system monitor. HFCTs are mounted on the ground screen (sheath) of each cable at all joints. This system includes a rack-mounted data collection and analysis system (CAS) that collects signals via fiber cables and synchronizes them with GPS. The CAS generates an automatic localization map for cables and performs ratio analysis for localization in substations.

Explore more in the MS PLUS system brochure.


MS-PICO model

MS-PLUS Portable Model


Expertise and Innovation

ProgUSA has been at the forefront of partial discharge detection and monitoring for over seven years. We believe the products discussed here represent the most advanced and insightful PD test tools available in the USA.

For further information and inquiries, please contact our support team.

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